Sneakers Should Be Worn. Not Worried About.

ShoeCPR Founder Stephen Benson

How We're Made.

Now, Stephen wants to share his solution with you. ShoeCPR was built so sneakerheads can stop worrying about keeping their shoes clean with an easy cleaning solution that actually works.

Wear Your Sneakers.

We Got You.

Whether it's your first raffle win on Nike SNKRS, first pair of Jordans, or even your daily pair of vans - once your kicks come out of the box, it’s up to you to keep them clean.

ShoeCPR has an all-in-one kit that will help you clean your entire shoe collection, guaranteed.

Why Clean Your Shoes?

Clean Shoes Create Clean Looks

Don't pair your fresh fits with dirty kicks. When your shoes are clean, you feel good.

Maintenance Means Longevity

When you clean your shoes often, the life of your shoe extends exponentially. Build shoe care into your routines.

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Dirty Shoes Mean Dirty Homes

Love cleaning your floors every week? We didn't think so. Adding deep shoe cleaning to your routine minimizes the dirt and toxins you're tracking in the house.