How to Clean Specific Materials

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What You Need

Soft Brush

Microfiber Towel

How to Clean Knit Shoes

Step 1:

Fill two bowls with 5 ounces of water each. In one of the bowls, pour in ½ oz of ShoeCPR Premium Cleaning Solution and give it a quick stir with your fingers. The other bowl of water is used to clean the brush after each scrub. Remove the laces from the shoes, and drop them into the bowl filled with solution. Leave them there throughout the cleaning process.

If you have them, insert your ShoeCPR Shoe Trees into the shoes. Our Shoe Trees are an important part of the cleaning process because they hold the shoe’s weight while you scrub, which creates an easier clean and preserves the shape of your shoes. 

Step 2:

The ShoeCPR Soft Brush is what will work best for Knit materials. Grab your brush and dip it into the bowl with the Solution mixture. On the upper part of your shoe, begin scrubbing with the soft brush.

Step 3:

Use the ShoeCPR Medium Brush to clean the soles of the shoe. After you’ve scrubbed the soles of your shoe, you may still see dirt or grime trapped in the grooves of the bottom of your shoe. For that, you can use the ShoeCPR Hard Brush.

Step 4:

Repeat scrubbing until your shoe has been brought back to life. When finished, take your Microfiber Towel and pat the entire shoe dry and gently wipe away any excess liquid on your laces. Then, take your laces out of the solution mixture and rinse under water. Let laces and shoes air dry.